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Check out Southwest Ranches

Blog written by Francesca Villardi

If you hear donkeys braying or roosters crowing and there isn’t a single sidewalk in sight, do you think you’re in South Florida anymore? Believe it or not, you are! Welcome to Southwest Ranches, a unique town alongside the eastern edge of the Everglades. Just 15 miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale, this charming town offers a distinct country atmosphere.

Southwest Ranches covers approximately 13 square miles in Southwest Broward County and is home to over 7,923 residents. The town boasts a rural environment filled with grazing animals, nurseries, farms, exquisite and unique scenery, and an abundance of wildlife. The zoning in the town is almost entirely rural residential and agricultural, preserving its rural lifestyle by incorporating as a separate city. They also have a growing amount of zoning for recreation and open space, ensuring land is preserved for residents’ enjoyment. The newest zoning district is for community facilities that serve the community. Southwest Ranches was formed to stop encroaching development and to “Preserve Our Rural Lifestyle.”

We love the country atmosphere in this neighborhood, which is why we specialize in selling property here. We know most of the people in the community and have even sold many of them their homes. In fact, there are several properties we’ve sold two or three times. When you come to us looking to buy your dream home, our entire team will be available to help you and make the transaction seamless.

Call us today to check out this unique town that is waiting for you, your family, and your animals to call home.

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